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Thread: one plus one reboots

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    one plus one reboots

    So i have installed nethunter on my oneplus one and everything works fine,exept that when i switch the phone off to connect my usb adapter (tl wn722n ) it starts up fine (using usb otg cable no charging) when i open kali shell to put it into monitor mode using airmon-ng (wifite has a bug and it keeps asking u to put it in mon mode so i use airmon-ng to put it in mon mode and wifite to do all the other work) the terminal freezes for some time . then when i go to wifite it starts and after this point it will reboot anytime. charge is full.this happens every time the adapter is plugged in . when the adapter is not plugged the terminal doesnt freeze . pls help

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    "Bugs / Known Issues:

    Nexus 7 [2013] and OnePlus devices reboot when USB OTG is disconnected, if wlan1 is not manually put down first."

    So you need manually put down your wlan1 /your wn722n/

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