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Thread: [newbe][andriod][linux deploy] apt-cache search can't find lsusb

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    [newbe][andriod][linux deploy] apt-cache search can't find lsusb

    Hello Kali-community,

    i'm new here but not new in using kali. My new project is running kali in "Linux Deploy App" on a Samsung Galaxy S Plus with Cyanogenmod 11 and testing kali tools like aircrack-ng. I got the problem that some of the tools ask for lsusb (maybe some other libs too, not known yet) but i can't find the package via apt-cache search order. Are there spezial repositories where i can get such packages? Maybe someone has advanced experiences and can give me some hints.



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    lsusb is a part of the package 'usbutils', so do an apt-get install usbtools and your set.

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