At any given time while trying to install Kali Linux(dual boot it) on my PC it freezes during the install process. At any given time so it can't be something on the installer. I have tried several methods of fixing this and none of them worked. First i tried using a different USB and it still froze (this time it froze later, during the Kismet install). The second thing i tried was use the Mini-.iso to install and this one froze again at a random spot (GRUB Master boot install), so obviously that didn't work. I am extremely tech savy and i have NO idea what is going on here. I should point out that while running backtrack on my computer it would freeze random times while using it, never found a solution to that problem either.

Computer specs:
Name - HP 2000 Notebook PC running Windows 8
Processor - AMD E1-1200APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 1.40GHz (dual core)
System type - 64-bit Operation system, x64-based processor

How does it freeze?:
It won't allow me to select any option or go any further into the install process.

I have seen the previous bug where it disabled your mouse and keyboard and I know that this bug isn't it as during the install process it froze while configuring something (67%) and i left it on for the night to see if it would ever get back up again it never did. 5 hour period it stayed at 67% and never continued. I really don't know what to say... really frustrating.

I have also tried to install different desktop environments but that didn't do anything either, still froze. Every time it froze i had to shutdown the computer and restart and try again. None of many attempts have succeeded.

If you need anymore information from me please post it here and i will gladly give it up. Thanks.