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Thread: [Problem][Kali 2.0]Neither wash or airodump seems to work.

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    Exclamation [Problem][Kali 2.0]Neither wash or airodump seems to work.

    Hello everybody. I'm pretty much a new user, especially in penetration testing and hacking, but I'm a Linux experienced user.

    I'll go straight to the point: wash does not work on my Kali 2.0 installation in vbox.

    I used the Official VirtualBox Image under Ubuntu 14.04.3 and it all works fine with my TL-WN722N.
    Now, you can see in this image that the USB adapter is recognized and
    works fine. However, when I try to wash to find some BBSID, this is the result:

    I googled a lot for this issue that is well known, since the first version of Kali, but I still haven't figured out how to fix it. I have the
    folder and I also tried to install reaver manually, but without any luck.

    I don't know which is the problem, but I wish that someone knows an efficient fix for that.

    Sorry for my imperfect English, I hope the post is clear enough.

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