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Thread: Best Method for setting up an evil twin with dnsspof, ssl strip etc

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    Question Best Method for setting up an evil twin with dnsspof, ssl strip etc

    Hello Everyone,

    I have been experimenting with setting up an evil twin AP. Here are some of the guides for those who are not familiar and also to give you an idea of the resources im using.

    Running kali 2.0 - latest updates and upgrades.

    Now lets dive in:
    my question to the community is: how are you guys achieving this? I have been able to to sucessfully clone an ap using airbase-ng, bridge my connection on eth0 to my wireless nic on wlan0 using brctl and serve dhcp requests using dhclient. I am struggling with spoofing dns queries on my evil ap. I have googled around and found many different methods but none for dhclient. could somebody point me in the right direction to configure dns spoofing along with dhclient?

    At this point I have a the fake AP up, and serving internet access to clients.

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    why not use ettercap?? for the dns spoofing, its very easy to implement.!

    locate etter.dns
    nano /etc/ettercap/etter.dns

    scroll to where you see the microsoft entries, beneath it you can write out stuff like dis... A
    * A A A
    * A A A
    * A A A
    * A A

    save and exit.
    open ettercap and you know the rest...

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    An alternate solution would be to use the mana toolkit. I don't think it comes installed by default in Kali, so you'll need to apt-get install mana-toolkit

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