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Thread: Use ddrescue when making a USB or SD Card live boot!!!!

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    Use ddrescue when making a USB or SD Card live boot!!!!

    I am not sure why, but I've only ever seen one single place on all of these grand internets that said:

    sudo ddrescue -f /direction/to/your.iso /dev/sdxxx
    when making a USB or SD Card bootable disk!!

    Literally, ever since I started using ddrescue, not only are all of my disks reliably and stably made, but it gives you a live action shot of it doing its thing!!


    Its truly been a Godsend for me, but for some unknown reason, there is like, no documentation of anyone actively using it in the wild!

    So, for anyone on OS X - or Linux - who might be having issues with
    its quite easy to get on your machine!

    First, go to HomeBrew's website, and get brew installed. it adds a ton of functionality to your command terminal.

    Then, once the script at the top of their page is done and you've followed their super easy directions, you do:

    brew install ddrescue
    and it installs ddrescue for you!

    Then, you just do the code from above:

    sudo ddrescue -f direction/to/your.iso /dev/sda
    option is the force option, it tells ddrescue that "Yes, I want this to be placed onto my USB drive, thank you!"

    And of course you need the /direction/to/your.iso, along with the mount/point/sda of where your USB stick is. (to find that in terminal, do diskutil list, then diskutil umountDisk /dev/diskx for the USB drive you wanna write to)

    Yes, you do have to unmount it before you write to it.

    Hopefully I didn't muddy things up too much. And of course if there's any questions lemme know.
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