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Thread: Kali 2.0 VMware issue

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    Kali 2.0 USB live persistence issue

    I'm new to linux and trying to learn things from the internet. The issue I have regarding Kali 2.0 is that every time I log in ''Kali 2.0 live/live usb persistence'', my monitor turns off after 20 minutes (probably goes to sleep mode/hibernates) and I have no choice but to hard reset. I tried several methods from the internet but can't figure it out/solve the issue. I'm using a 32GB USB 2.0 pendrive, my OS is Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) and my Kali sana is 64 bit too.

    P.S. My VMware issue resolved on its own, so I changed the title and removed it from this post.
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