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Thread: Kali on SCB ARM64

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    Question Kali on SCB ARM64

    Good morning guys,

    Since I heard about SCB I got interested on get my hands on one, and try Kali on it.

    But after I make my mind on get an RaspberryPi2 I heard about Pine64 (this moment in kickstarter), and since it have the double the RAM, 2Gb, I think is a better solution than PI wich have only 1Gb.

    My questions are:
    1 - Kali works good in a SBC?
    2 - Since Pine64 will use ARM64, Kali will be ported to work under ARM64? I know you guys already have a ARM build.
    3 - Do you think that the Kali works fluid without being too slowly when using the tools? I don't expect miracles since is a ARM build.

    Thanks in advance
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