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Thread: Problems with wifi cracking

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    Question Problems with wifi cracking

    Hello, I am new at this Kali linux so maybe I am just idiot and doing something bad, if so, sorry.

    I want to crack my wifi password and finally try it by myself. I just created custom wifi as with WPS enabled. I have read many of tutorials and saw some videos on internet, but there is still some problem. After I use command
    airmon-ng start wlan0
    and after killing that processes, I use
    wash -i mon0
    (these are steps from the internet) but after typing that command, I got just some error: "[X] ERROR: Failed to open 'mon0' for capturing"
    I would like to know, what to do with that. Many thanks for the answers.

    Kali version: 2.0
    Booting from USB
    LAN card: Qualcom Atheros AR9285
    Computer: Toshiba Satellite R840-13J

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    seeing that you are using kali 2 it's unlikely that you have mon0 as monitor mode. watch better what is the name of your monitor mode. should be wlan0mon. and use -C as well at the end of wash command. and always watch the date of tutorials and videos online. they surely use kali 1 which creates mon0. happy hunting

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