Hi, im relatively new to kali, although ive been using it since it first released and prio to that i used backtrack 5, my question is about how to correctly connect to a vpn provider from a kali linux virtual machine, my current host machine is a linux mint 17.3 desktop pc, and i use kali for pentesting my network. I can safely assume that the problem has to do with the network adapter in the virtual machine, which given the NAT configuration connects through my host machine and thus through the vpn when it is active in it. But NAT settings do not allow some tools and being able to recognize my private network in the same way a bridged adapter would, but in this case the pptp connection doesnt seem to work. Ive already tried several virtualbox forums and the like, but have had no luck so far, im hoping someone here has the same issues and can point me in the right direction.