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Thread: wifite problem!

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    wifite problem!

    When i run wifite i get this message continuously repeating "enabling monitor mode on wlan0... done".

    Does anyone know why this issue is occurring? when i run airodump-ng prism0 everything is fine!

    any help is much appreciated!
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    try airmon-ng check kill first

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    Thanks for the advice but i have already tried "airmon-ng check kill" and i still have the same thing looping "enabling monitor mode on wlan0... done"

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    try "sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf" and at the end add this: "[keyfile] unmanaged-devices=interface-name:wlan0mon" should eliminate any network manager conflicts. try update && upgrade,or try sudo wifite --update(or better, find the latest one of derv and download/install by yourself)

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