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Thread: Really weird issue with kali installed on a 100GB HDD partition

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    Unhappy Really weird issue with kali installed on a 100GB HDD partition

    First of all, sorry, I'm not a native English speaker.
    I will first explain what happened.
    I was using kali linux 4.4.0 on a partition of 100GB, it worked perfect, I installed nvidia drivers and i was using cudaHashcat for some days, but today, I saw a message that i have only 500MB left on the hard drive, i had like 30GB used this morning so i tought it was an error, I opened the disk usage analyzer it has installed and i noticed, that /var/log was using a lot of space, but the folders inside were only 4KiB and the bigger 15MiB, so i hoped it was only an error, so I reboot the system and couldn't login, the login screen didn't appear, it only showed a login console blinking, and i couldn't type anything, so i plugged my "panic" usb stick with kali on it and i took a picture of the /var/log usage.
    Could someone help me fixing this issue, please?
    Screenshot from 2016-04-24 22-12-37.jpg

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    I got the solution HERE for whoever has the same problem.

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