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Thread: Wifite Problem! HELP

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    Wifite Problem! HELP


    I recently installed the Kali VM. As I was trying to use Wifite I got the message: "No wireless interfaces were found" and "yo need to plug in a Wi-Fi device or install drivers."

    As it stands, I actually installed the drivers for my Broadcom BCM43142 802.11. I used the site to update my current device.

    I get after the updates are still the two notifications.
    Can someone please tell me what to do and what's Necessary to let it work ???

    Btw I ran it as a VM and I ran it from a bootable USB stick (both working well)

    Greets, Ghazzz

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    You must have a wireless card to perform packet injection.
    When you create a virtual machine, your physical wireless are seen as an ethernet card (not as a wireless card) into the VM.

    Get a wireless usb adapter or make a dual boot.

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