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Thread: NetHunter 3.1.0 on OnePlus One

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    NetHunter 3.1.0 on OnePlus One


    i installed NetHunter 3.1.0 Nightly from here on the current CM13 (ZNH0EAO2O0).
    And flashed Phreya Kernel and Update file from here over the NetHunter installation.

    NetHunter itself works fine but on most scripts i only get ";60R" back on the shell.
    Maybe i don´t need to Phreya´s Kernel because there is an Kernelfile for the OPO.

    Does anybody have an hint for me ?
    I know - 3.1 is not released and still in development but i´m interessted in the wardriving and the FruityWiFi option.


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    Same issue here. It won't run wifite, all it says is:

    "root@kali:/# ;60Recho -ne "\033]0;Wifite\007" && clear;wifite
    bash: syntax error near unexpected token `;'
    Any solutions?

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    OK I think I found solution, it seems nethunter needs external WiFi card to go into monitor mode. So maybe that's where the errors are coming from. I'm going to test later today and will post results asap

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    OK I've found the solution and it's ridiculously obvious actually. Just run apt-get install wifite in the terminal, after install run "wifite" in the terminal instead of using the command listed in custom commands. You still need a dongle to go into monitor mode though

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