I have a Lenovo Thinkpad P50 (Running the latest Kali OS) docked to a Thinkpad Docking station and the issue I am having is that it seems like the monitors and the laptop keeps switching from Mirror to Extended and from Extended to Mirror. It constantly flips between the two that the laptop and monitors are just non-stop blinking and you cannot work on the laptop at all. The only way to resolve this is to undock the laptop at which it just uses the laptop display (Since no monitors are connected).

Sometimes, if I turn the laptop on from boot and leave it on the docking station it displays correctly where the monitors are extended. However, if it goes to sleep or if I lock/unlock then the same issue happens again where it is constantly flipping between the two modes and will not stop until I undock the laptop.

The P50 has NVIDIA graphics and I installed the drivers based on the tutorial "Install NVIDIA Drivers on Kali" on this website. Everything works fine up until I put the laptop on the Thinkpad Docking station.

Does anyone know why this is happening or how to resolve? Is a way to force the laptop to stick to a certain mode when docked before I actually have to dock the station so it doesn't keep changing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!