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Thread: persistent payload ?

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    Question persistent payload ?

    I've been using MSF for sometime now, as well as Kali & Backtrack.

    I have yet to come across a " working" payload / backdoor , that doesn't require connecting back to the remote " attacker" after the payload has been open on the client side. ( I may be looking in the wrong places, hence my post )

    In other words, I am looking for a payload, once opened it sends notification via email ( or other means ) and the attacker could initiate a connection whenever is convenient , instead of having a listener running and waiting for the payload to finish staging.

    So far, for the notification part I have stumbled upon a metasploit module " notify_mail" which can be found

    The closes scenario ive been able to achieve has been using the notify plug in as well as a resource script script that once meterpreter session opens , then migrates to another process and begins meterpreter's persistence service . This does not always works...

    I've been looking into empire, and the way empire stages is more of a " fit " but not %100 what I am looking for.

    I'm trying to stay away from VLC ..

    Any ideas ?
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    Attacker can only initiate connections 'whenever is convenient' on bind payloads, in many cases that is not possible due to firewalls/nat so you have to bypass that somehow (i.e: using some kind of vpn client , enable port forward on victims router).
    Otherwise you'll need a reverse connection payload that keeps checking on a sever for commands/other payloads, that's actually what meterpreter reverse persistence service actually does.
    I'm not sure and cannot check it right now, but i believe cobalt strike beacons will do that for you pretty well too.

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