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Thread: RAID Dual Boot Help

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    RAID Dual Boot Help

    Hello. I'm new to the Kali Linux operating system, and I'd like to install and dual-boot it. I have 2 problems:
    1. My Windows 10 drive can't install Kali Linux from there. I understand that one of my partitions's sector is beyond the last sector of my disk space. However, I do not have the space to shrink the partition to dual-boot it without losing the ability to save any more files onto my Win.10 OS. I really do not want to run the risk of rebuilding my partition, even if I can backup my system. Plus, it's not worth it since my available space on both partitions will be limited. So, to fix that, I'm using a separate hard drive, however I'm not really sure how to dual-boot it this way.
    2. I'm currently running RAID, so I'm not sure if that affects my ability to dual-boot.

    Also, I'd like to know that if I do use this method of running Kali Linux on a separate hard drive (and possibly a new RAID tray) is compatible with EasyBCD. I do have an option during booting to switch operating systems, and I'm really confident that I can use that option due to the fact that I won't be running Kali Linux on the same RAID system (or hard drive) and won't require EasyBCD.

    If you can give me any information, please do so. I'd appreciate the help. If you'd like the specs of my system, let me know and I will be happy to do so. Thank you!

    Also, how would I install GRUB? Let it write to my Master Boot record?
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