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Thread: Wifite not doing much. OnePlus One nethunter 3.15.3

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    Lightbulb Wifite not doing much. OnePlus One nethunter 3.15.3

    Hello guys.

    I installed nethunter 3.15.3 on my oneplus one and everything works fine the hid attacks and all the other stuff except Wifite.
    When i try to crack any wpa router it loops this message with pixie attack (WPS Transaction failed retrying last pin 12345670)
    Even my own router i placed my phone ontop of my router so it is not the connection.
    When i try to crack wep i get errors like aireplay closed unexpectetly or something...
    Iam using an Edimax N150 Nano adapter which is working fine for other people so i really don't know what iam doing wrong...
    Is anyone here familliar with these errors? please let me know!

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    Same problem .. Using same WiFi edimax on nexus 5.

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    +1 . There are more people having this issue with not being able to capture handshakes as well...

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