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Thread: Grub error after deleting kali linux partition

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    Question Grub error after deleting kali linux partition

    Hi everyone,

    at first, my engish is bad, don't judge me. Secondly, as I was researching my issue i found milions of threads similiar to my problem but mine is a little bit different. To the point. I have installed Win10 on my PC. Everything was fine, till I decided to install kali linux. It wasn't working (but that is not the problem here). So i decided to remove it. I'm dumb so i decided to remove it with Mini Partition Wizard. Along with kali linux i deleted Grub. And now when i try to boot Win10. I'm ending in grub rescue mode.

    While searching for solution i came on posts like this one.

    Everything is fine here. But i have only win10 on my PC. And (if it's possible) I want to install grub on my windows disc/partition. Or somehow set windows to boot at start. I don't want to have dual boot systems.

    And every post that i found requires to install grub on linux partition. In order to do that they say to mount some directories which are only in linux (i don't know if i'm right here).

    Can U guys help me?

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    Try this, make it bootable and :

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    Enable Secure BOOT. It verifies the signature of bootloader and force it to boot windows.
    In my knowledge, grub and Windows bootloader are stored in EFI partition and UEFI keeps entries of both. So can you explain how did you remove grub without harming Windows bootloader? Formatting the EFI partition which is different from where you installed kali-linux will prevent your system to boot.

    Grub rescue mode only recognizes the root partition and ext4 filesystem. So you can't boot into Windows with it. If you believe that your Windows bootloader is safe or still present then you can give Windows OS first boot priority in UEFI settings. Secure boot will do this job anyway.

    After booting into Windows you can do recovery which will update your EFI partition and remove traces of corrupted grub. If you know how to do it manually using any tool then you can try but make sure you don't touch Windows boot manager.
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