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Thread: GTX 1060 Driver installation Failure

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    Unhappy GTX 1060 Driver installation Failure

    I just bought a new Razer Blade (2017) with a GTX 1060 inside.

    i installed kali-linux-2017-W13-amd64

    Today i tried to install the nvidia drivers just like the guide says (

    After installing nvidia-kernel-dkms (everything seemed to work just fine) it told me the nouveau driver was activated and it could cause failure and id just have to reboot the system.
    On the first try i did
    sed 's/quiet/quiet nouveau.modeset=0/g' -i /etc/default/grub
    just like the guide says. After reboot i cant boot into kali, it just tells me a error accured and i have to logg of.

    After making a clean install of kali i tried the same but i rebootet the system right after installing nvidia-kernel-dkms, just like the prompt says. But i get the same error again.

    It doesnt change anything if i reboot in recovery mode and uninstalling nvidia-kernel-dkms, or blacklisting nouveau.

    At the moment i again made a clean install of kali. Can you help me installing the nvidia driver for linux the right way? i followed the kali guide step for step but cant make it....

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    Thank you very much!! didnt find that thread, even with **** of a searchin >.<

    -can be closed-

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