Hey everyone,

I'm currently triple booting Kali, Ubuntu, and Windows 10. Windows 10 and Ubuntu recognize and display my dual monitors just fine, but Kali Linux doesn't. I've googled solutions for this problem and the common answer is to switch to a virtual console with ctrl, alt, and f1 or any of the function keys, suspend kdm3 or desktop environment service is running, update the video drivers (for me its Nvidia GeForce 1070GTX), reboot, restart the service, and it should fix the issue. When I attempt to switch to a virtual console, I get a blank screen on the monitor that works. I see no prompt, cursor, or anything else. However, I know I'm at the virtual console because if I type my login and password, and then type sudo reboot, my computer restarts.

So I have a 2-pronged problem. How do I make it so I can actually see the virtual console so I don't have to type commands blind and actually see the output, and then after that is resolved how do I go about getting the dual monitor to work properly? Do I need to just follow what solutions I've found regarding suspending the desktop environment service, running and updating the video card drivers, restarting the service, and that should be good? Those solutions were on ubuntu forums so if there's a different process for Kali I'd appreciate any insight.

Thanks everyone,