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Thread: Kali USB only boots when plugged into USB hub

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    Kali USB only boots when plugged into USB hub

    I am using a Dell XPS 13 laptop, a Sandisk extreme 3.0 USB, and am running Kali 2017.1. I run Kali live from the Sandisk USB, and I know the that the USB works because I am using it now. This issue is that when the USB is plugged directly into the Dell, it does not recognize the drive. However, when I plug the USB into a USB hub and then plug that into the Dell, it works perfectly. The results are the same on both USB ports. I have used both a USB hub and a USB extension cable, and both allow the USB to be recognized. But when the USB is plugged directly into the dell, it is not recognized it at all. How can I solve this problem?

    I used dd to copy the contents of the USB onto a different USB, and it is now working. There must have been some odd hardware defect in the Sandisk USB.
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    Remove Your USB When you get boat From CD Then Put it Again Then chose Yes Then Press Contniue
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