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Thread: kali-rolling megasync install?

  1. kali-rolling megasync install?

    Hello all,

    Is there a possibility to install MEGAsync ( on the kali-rolling (as I understand, it is not anymore a Debian based distribution)?

    And if not, do you have some reliable cloud synchronization clients on kali-rolling?

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    If you'd like it added to the repo, I'd file a tool request over at

    You can always manually install it, but if a tool isn't in the repo, there's a good chance it may break something. If the dependencies required for the tool to work are in Kali, then it's somewhat safer.

    All the same, I'd do a full backup before installing something not in the Kali repos.

  3. Thank you, i will add the request.

    There are some dependencies as cryptolib9++, I dont think I risk going the path of installing something outside of KALI repos for a while

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    No problem!

    Good idea, going outside Kali repos is always a risk. Depending on your risk tolerance, you could use Clonezilla to get an image of your machine, then try an install.

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    Just caught on in perfect timing; I wanted to install Mega yesterday, but couldnt see any simple way around it, so that is great news :-)
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