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Thread: download problem for kali-linux-2017.1-amd64.iso !! download crashed :(

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    Angry download problem for kali-linux-2017.1-amd64.iso !! download crashed :(

    after i heard about the release of kali-linux-2017.1 i was super exited to download so i buy cellular data to download it . and first time its failed to download after 70 % its complete waste of 2 GB data and my money too . then i try second time because i though its my isp ,s problem . so i change my sim and try again and its failed too. so now i desperately need a solution . like a bangladeshi server or somthing else . ohh my net speed was 60-80 kb though i have full bar 3G net
    here are the screenshot .
    info,s here:
    OS:windows 10
    download manager : xdm 6.0
    download link : ( i start with this link but its changed to this : ) is it ok ?

    download speed : 70-80 KB ... sometimes 20 KB .. ( though i try to get it with a lot of patient...but after failed ...its painfull...
    speedtest speed : download speed 2 Mbps and upload speed 1.5 Mbps ..
    if any bangladeshi here i request them to upload this iso in bdix connected ftp like naturalbd ....
    i don,t know if this post are right for this place .. but i need attention of the admin of kali website
    thanks for reading and any help is greatly appreciated.

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    The problem is with the downloader. You can see in the screenshot, it is crashing. Download bittorrent client and use this torrent link to download kali:
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