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Thread: Newbie Raspberry 3 B+ Kali-Linux_Full tightVNC server and PC REalVNC client on a LinuxMint Mate

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    Post Newbie Raspberry 3 B+ Kali-Linux_Full tightVNC server and PC REalVNC client on a LinuxMint Mate

    Hello and thank you for reading.

    I started with the latest load of Raspian for the Pi3B+ which uses RealVNC to create a VNC server. I had to uninstall the vnc client server on my LinuxMint and install a RealVNC deb pkg. so that I could get the raspian RealVNC server and my LinuxMint vnc client working. That accomplished! I now move on.

    Now I heard about the Kali-linux and I was very interested in becoming familiar with networking and something like wireshark. I was told Kali-linux was a much better tool for learning networking. I was able to load an SD card with the Kali 2018.3 arm image and get it to boot and run the stripped down version of Kali. I read where I could use the commands apt-get update followed by apt-get install kali-linus-full. followed by apt-get dist-upgrade, I am able to get the Kali-Liinux-full to boot and I am very impressed with the additional features.

    The next thing I tried to do is to get my PC LinuxMint to make a VNC connection to raspberry pi running the kali-linux-full. I see where the Kali-linux comes with tightvncserver already installed. I am not able to get this vncserver to connect with the RealVNC client.

    What are my options? I would like to be able to use the same vnc client on my LinuxMint Mate PC to communicate with either of the SD cards in the pi 3B+, raspian OS or the Kali-Linux-Full. Have I broken any un-spoken rules? I welcome constructive feedback.

    I did more research on the web and found out that x11vnc would help me solve my issue which it has.
    I do not know where or how to mark this post as solved or have it just removed or deleted.
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    Did more research on the web and was able to use x11vnc to accomplish what I was trying to do.

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