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Thread: Nvidia* && hashcat

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    Nvidia* && hashcat

    I recenty installed nvidia drivers from offensive guide here onto my kali machine running 2018.3 because my nvidia drivers were causing conflicts with hashcat. But when i restarted my machine I got grub to boot but when i got to the loggin page part it never popped up. Black screen for 15min. rebooted several times. I booted into recovery mode of kali an perged nvidia drivers from my machine. apt-remove --purge nvidia* . Now i boot back into machine everything good. Now even my original nvidia drivers gone.? Should I risk installing nvidia drivers again or any clues. Ill keep updated if I find one.
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    Nvidia and kali do not work together very well!
    If it is just hashcat you want to use then hashcat works well with nvidia and windows if that helps.

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    It depends on the Nvidia card. Their driver is picky on what it supports.

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