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Thread: app store?

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    app store?

    like a few hours ago i could of sworn i saw news on the main kali page there was a story about a nethunter app store. so i was gonna look when i was done doing what i was doing. by the time i got to it. now. its gone. i looked in history it was there but doesnt go to it. am i going senile? i know im getting old but not like that old. is there an app store or have i been up to long

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    nice catch, it was published about 8 hour ago
    a short description says
    "The Kali NetHunter App Store is a one stop shop for security relevant Android applications. It is the ultimate alternative to the Google Play store"

    try finding cache of this page, i am a bit busy at this moment
    when i get some time will try to find it myself


    if you found something please let us know


    that nethunter website seems legit, but idk try it at your own risk

    they also had a gitlab repo but it seem they made it private

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    wow you guys are quick
    Yeah - the blog post went alive ahead of time...

    ...Its now public (for good!)

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