The problem goes like this:

I download the ISO file, and check the SHA256 checksum, it checks out.
Then i install the ISO file to a 16 GB USB and boot into the installer.
Using the installer I install Kali Linux on a 500GB External SSD called Samsung External SSD T5.
I can boot just fine, update Kali and so forth, but when I remove the external SSD and reinsert it, it no longer shows as a boot option.
I can find the SSD in bios just fine, i just cant boot from it.

Not sure if it is related, but I'm using a USB-C port to connect the SSD and the PC, I have tried using USB-C => USB but same result.
I have tried reinstalling the distro multiple times, I have removed secure boot, fast boot and so on, and even tried on different systems, same result.
Any help greatly appreciated.