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Thread: What is "Kali Undercover Mode"?

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    What is "Kali Undercover Mode"?

    I'm runnung Kali lite on XFCE. After installing the
    metapackage, there is a tool listed under the "Other" application catagory called "Kali Undercover Mode". It makes the desktop appear to be Windows 10. I can't find any documentation or mention of its existence, outside of an
    apt cache search kali-undercover
    . Are there any docs for it?

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    Kind of cool. Thanks for pointing it out

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    It makes it look like Windows 10. That's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertde12e View Post
    It makes it look like Windows 10. That's all.
    I wonder if that is legal.
    It seems, that they are the original Windows 10 icons and the original Windows 10 logo. And the original Windows 10 wallpaper.
    Haven't Microsoft a Copyright on it?
    Because they are bundled and integrated in Kali. Or paid Kali Microsoft for it, so that they can use it?

    For example Microsoft fonts are allowed to download it by private person from the Microsoft website and integrating them in the own installed Linux.
    But it isn't allowed by distributors to integrate them in a Linux-distribution. Nor is it allowed by third party application developers to integrate them in their own product.

    If this would all be allowed, then distributions could also integrate jdi32.dll, user32.dll, etc in its distribution and replace the WINE-implementations of it with the Microsoft original files. Then would also running more Windows-programs on Linux.


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    As I have now read from an other side.
    under the point "Microsoft icons" stand

    Microsoft product icons are the thumbnail-sized images indicating that a Microsoft product has been installed on your operating system. Icons may not be used in advertising, in books and other printed matter, on clothing or other promotional items, in online and Internet locations, in software applications, in television programs, in commercials, in movies, or on video.

    You may use Microsoft product icons in training manuals or documentation about a Microsoft product. The use of the icon must be specific to the function of the icon within the Microsoft software. The icon may not be used as a graphical or design element. Icons cannot be modified or altered and must appear as they would within the Microsoft software.

    If you have licensed a Microsoft development tool, review the redistributable section of the EULA to learn which Microsoft properties may be redistributed by licensees.
    And under "Microsoft Logos and Sounds"
    Microsoft Logos, including our well-known product names such as Windows, Microsoft Office and Xbox, are some of the most recognized, trusted, and valuable trademarks in the world. Microsoft Logos may only be used in compliance with Microsoft's Trademark and Brand Guidelines. No other use is permitted.

    Microsoft does not allow separate distribution of audio or AVI files ? files with the extensions (.wav), (.mid), or (.avi).

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