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Thread: Replace Operating System

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    Replace Operating System

    What should I do first to install Kali Linux for my laptop, my laptop now is using windows 10 ?

    Should I remove windows first or directly download and install kali Linux ?

    As the result, I can choose what I want to use operating system for my laptop,


  2. If you wish to dedicate that laptop to Kali, just download the iso and burn it to either DVD or USB thumbdrive. During the install process (which is guided extremely well), you will partition the disk for the install. For pure Kali, it's easy. Just wipe the hard drive clean and install. It's your choice to partition to your own idiosyncrasies or just use the guided partitioner. You have the choice of also encrypting the drive during install, and the guided option is quite nice.

    In the end, it's your laptop. Do as you please.

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