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Thread: source list permission denied

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    source list permission denied

    as this is i am not able to change or add lines which are there in kali to add sources package as whenever i add them it always says that permission denied i tried getting permission using chmod but it said that operation not permitted please help me out off this and i am using the latest version of kali linux

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    guys no need to answer this question of mine as i got the answer of my own

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    How did u do it? I?m having the same problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eang Meng Hor View Post
    How did u do it? I?m having the same problem
    open terminal
    Then follow these commands:
    1. sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list(it'll ask for password i.e., you use to login into your machine, enter that password).
    2. enter the text you want to, then hit 'CTRL+O' and hit enter simultaneously.
    3. hit 'CTRL+X' after that.
    4. Done.
    5. run 'apt update' and see the magic

    One more advice:
    add s in the first http variable like deb to get more downloading speed in terminal. Thanks me later!

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    I dont know, maybe I entered wrong code but I always get this permission denied. like the error below, I wanted to hash a pdf file

    @kali:~/Desktop/JohnTheRipper$ cd /run
    @kali:/run$ ./ pdfpasswd>pdfpasswd.hash
    bash: pdfpasswd.hash: Permission denied

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