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Thread: Specific laptop and hardware for Windows, Ubuntu, and Kali

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    Specific laptop and hardware for Windows, Ubuntu, and Kali

    Can anyone provide me the model number and specific hardware included of a recently purchased (I.e. still commercially available) laptop from which they are able to triple boot Windows, Ubuntu, and Kali with no modifications required to any of the ISO?s? I have researched, googled, read wikis until I can?t anymore as well as bought and returned 6 laptops. If someone has this combination working, please help. Thanks.

  2. There are many. You must understand that Ubuntu and Kali both use the Linux kernel, so as long as there are Linux drivers for the hardware, the laptop will work with both. Pretty much every laptop made is designed with Windows in mind, so that isn't an issue.

    Wanting to "triple boot" would mean reinstalling the Windows 10 iso first, and leaving enough space for both Ubuntu and Kali afterwards. Ubuntu and Kali will both recognize the other operating systems installed on the hard drive(s), so it's your choice of which to install after Windows.

    However, this seems clunky to me. As you seem to need Windows, I wouldn't triple boot. Rather double boot with Windows and Ubuntu and use Kali and a virtual machine in either the Ubuntu or Windows side.

    If Ubuntu isn't that important to you, you could just dual boot Windows and Kali.

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