I am attempting to boot Kali 2020.2 Live image over network (PXE boot), so far my attempts are unsuccessful.

What should be correct parameters in 'APPEND' section for PXE configuration to boot Live image over the network?

I have made some research of Kali documentation and on the internet -- best what came out is following (information is 2 years old)

LABEL Kali_Live
          MENU LABEL Kali Linux Live
          KERNEL /.../kali/live/vmlinuz
          INITRD /.../kali/live/initrd.img
          APPEND boot=live union=overlay components username=root hostname=kali domain= config fetch=http://image_server/images/kali/live/filesystem.squashfs -- vga=ask splash
Kali documentation does not include a section related to network boot of Live image and configuration above does not produces desired result. It seems that configuration above is base on following Debian webpage.

An attempt to use PXE configuration which works for Ubuntu/Lubuntu/Kubuntu does not work as well.

NOTE: it looks like Kali documentation for PXE network installation relies on preseed.cfg file only
(all configuration settings are recommended to inject manually into preseed.cfg)

The simplest way to write a preseed file is to install a system by hand. Then the debconf-get-selections --installer command will provide the answers you provided to the installer. However, a cleaner solution is to write the preseed file by hand, starting from an example and then going through the documentation. With this approach, only questions where the default answer needs to be overridden can be preseeded. Provide the priority=critical boot parameter to instruct Debconf to only ask critical questions, and to use the default answer for others.
Thank you for your assistance

Polar Bear