I have a custom AMI that I build, using the official Kali Linux AMI as a base image. I had been using the old 2020.1 AMI, but I was notified that it is no longer available to new accounts and I should switch to the newer offering in AWS Marketplace. I signed up for the newer offering, and I see a 2020.3 AMI and a 2020.4rc2 AMI.

I tried the 2020.3 AMI, but it requires some manual intervention to fully upgrade. This is a problem since I build my custom AMI using an automated process involving Packer and Ansible. I also tried the 2020.4rc2 AMI, but it does not seem to allow me to write to /tmp. This breaks Ansible and my automated process.

When will a non-RC release of 2020.4 be made available in the AWS Marketplace? I will try to figure out how to get the 2020.3 AMI to work with my automated process, but if 2020.4 is available then it would make sense to start from that.

Thank you,