I would like to use the kali-linux-2020.4-rpi4-nexmon-64 with my Raspberry PI 3 model B.
I have configured wpa_supplicant.conf for my network. My SSID is not visible and I use a FritzBox

On startup I see problems that wlan0 link is not available. With ifconfig I can see wlan0 though.

Still I can't get a connection to my network. If I boot it using Rasbian (also here only the wpa_supplicant.conf adjusted) everything works fine.

Something seems to be working, because when I connect to the network, using the graphical interface it shows me all the visible networks around. If I then use the menu to connect to invisible networks and enter all the data correctly, the client still cannot connect to my wifi.

You can see from the description that I'm not really fit in Linux. How can I find out what the error is and how can I connect to my wifi network on startup?

Thanks and many greetings!

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