I'm trying to install Kali on an Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-55-53AG) and have been running into a few different issues.

First few attempts, installing from a usb drive to an M.2 SSD on the laptop, no drives other than the USB were found when trying to find a destination to install to.

Next I decided to take the intended M.2 drive out and put it in a drive enclosure to connect it by USB. Was successfully able to install to it. I can boot to it if I leave it connected via USB but if I remove it from the enclosure and reconnect it directly to the laptop I boot into initramfs mode.

I'm very green to linux so any advise on figuring this out would be appreciated. I've found various references to people booting into initramfs on other flavors of linux but it doesn't seem to be for the same reasons and the commands they used to correct their issues don't seem to apply here.

If I boot into kali using the recover mode option so I can see what's happening prior to it hitting the initramfs point I get the following: