I have been using Kali linux 2021 as a guest in Vmware workstation player 16 but with a very annoying mouse flickering issue. Looked everywhere and could not find a solution. I have installed Vmware tools, tried with windows machine as a guest (works fine), changed the screen resolution to every possible option that was presented in the guest machine, tried the same on vmware 15, tried adjusting Nvidia settings on the host machine, etc. Whenever I try to move the cursor, it sort of disappears. If I move the cursor very slowly, it flickers. And obviously if I stop moving the cursor it is perfectly fine.
I'm using windows 10 as the host, Nvidia MX 350 graphics, Intel Iris Xe graphics, Intel core i5 11th gen.
I read in a post somewhere which said to try with an older graphics driver for the host machine which I'm not sure if I should. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have a concrete solution for this issue. Hope any of the tech persons here could help resolve this issue.