Hi everyone, I really hope I'm putting this in the right place, if not please somehow let me know so that I can direct my efforts towards actually getting some help as everywhere I've gone already seems just to pass the buck. Okay now for as many details as I can give.
So I had a fairly fresh installation of kali 2021.1 installed with just about everything working as it should after a default install. At which point I decided that I'm not a fan of how my ISP does business so I wound up choosing Cyber ghost VPN
So all I did was download the latest version from there website. At which point I began trying to set everything up. The one major change I noticed during the installation steps was the disabling of ipv6. Anyway I was never actually able to get it set up right, and cyber ghost just said oh we don't cover that version of kali so do it yourself. At this point I decided to say goodbye to cyber ghost and removed the application from my machine. Now the actual problem is that since I installed cyber ghost. I have zero wifi. On the desktop it shows that I have a wireless connection but I can't run a whois or load a browser so yeah. Both Cyber ghost VPN and Shaw internet services both said they can't help. Whatever that means.

Thanks in advanced really hoping someone can helpe restore internet connectivity without me having to just reinstall the os. I have data I'd rather not lose and have no more space to back up.