I am compiling kernel from lineage os source..
I solved too many errors.. but can't solve with this..

drivers/usb/gadget/function/u_ether.c in function gether_connect

drivers/usb/gadget/function/u_ether.c error invalid application of sizeof to incomplete type struct rndis_packeg_msg_type
Link->header = kzalloc(sizeof(struct rndis_packet_msg_type),

Please help how can I solve it?
3.18 kernel source = https://github.com/LineageOS/android...us_msm8937.git

When i trying to enable getting this error

select ?Generic serial bulk in/out? (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_SERIAL=y)
select ?Abstract Control Model (CDC ACM)" (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_ACM=y)
select ?Object Exchange Model (CDC OBEX)" (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_OBEX=y)
select ?Network Control Model (CDC NCM)" (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_NCM=y)
select ?Ethernet Control Model (CDC ECM)" (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_ECM=y)
select ?Ethernet Control Model (CDC ECM) subset? (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_ECM_SUBSET=y)
select ?Ethernet Emulation Model (EEM)" (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_EEM=y)

Please help me