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Thread: Network Issue, Ethernet connection active but not browsing.

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    Exclamation Network Issue, Ethernet connection active but not browsing.

    Greetings Everyone, 😃
    I'm a complete beginner on linux, and to gain a proper exprinece i've installed kali 2022.2 as a primary os on my "Dell inspiron 1440" laptop. The Installation was successfull. After installation, I've connected the the ethernet connection from my wifi router Lan1 and the os showing that the "wired connection 1" is active but whenever i'm trying to browse the internet its not woking. I'm looking for some experts help. i'll be sharing some photos that might help them to understand the current scenario of my learning and understanding phase 1.
    Secondly, How can i install and use the builtin wifi module?

    hope this might also help others whos facing similer problems
    Thank you.

    288944078_1528277814257687_617438698479121325_n.jpg 289018160_5187437814705034_8907779681978620530_n.jpg289311876_1414455235740223_7704647443963453730_n.jpg
    ? Jesun Ahmad Ushno 🔰🔥

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    Try looking at this thread for a solution.

    Typically Wifi and Ethernet issues are a general "Linux" problem and not strictly a "Flavor" problem.

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