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Thread: Installing Kali Linux in Virtual Box - FAILING DUE TO NO VDI

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    Question Installing Kali Linux in Virtual Box - FAILING DUE TO NO VDI

    downloaded the recommended pre-made virtual box VM, after successfully adding it to virtual box ,when I start it, it asks me to choose the optical disk I'm going to boot from, when i search my files for the requested file(I'm assuming the .vdi) file, nothing shows in my file folder, because nothing i have has the .vdi extension.
    Why isn't the .vdi file included in the kali download from the official kali website?

    I've installed kali in virtual box about 7 different times(on separate computers, after windows update deleted it, after resetting my laptop, etc.) and have never encountered this problem.

    I've tried this current installation about 6 times, and each time I end up with no .vdi file in my kali download.. What am I doing wrong or missing or overlooking? I'm burnt out on trying to do it on my own. I need someone's help, clearly.

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    vdi is a 'virtual disk' you need to create a new machine, and then add your virtual disk to it, and then it should proceed. Your trying to add a virtual hard drive as a DVD image and it will always fail like that.

    In some VM software you 'import' the hard disk to your newly created machine.

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