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Thread: Nethunter Android 13 Application not able to open

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    Nethunter Android 13 Application not able to open

    The nethunter application is unable to launch on Android 13. I believe it's due to new application folder directories. I believe that it needs to be rebuilt for Android 13 to configure the application directories for Android 13 apps. Opening and granting all permissions as well as root works however after doing so the application closes and tells you you need to allow more permissions. Using nethunter terminal you can log into the CHroot however it doesn't work entirely I'm assuming it's because of nethunters application being unable to open all the way and set up the CH root properly.

    For now I am going to be looking into how net Hunter sets the CHroot up, if I can do that I will be looking into recompiling the application myself with whatever new configuration I can hack into working.

    Hopefully the nethunter team or a community member that is more knowledgeable than me in the area is able to look into it and professionally creates a new application for us.

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    When nethunter is installed and run in rootless method, I don't believe it has the needed permissions to install and run the applications in the nethunter folder (I believe that is for a full rooted bare metal install on a device), personally I install and use a different terminal app like termux on the same device (available from play store or F-Droid etc), and then rootless nethunter install and all the cli applications you may want to use are accessable such as nmap and wifi tools etc from the command line as you would expect, and yes, they work!

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