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Thread: creating bootalbe usb using the dd command.

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    Question creating bootalbe usb using the dd command.

    so i read the instructions in here

    dd if=/home/username/Desktop/kali.iso of=/dev/sdb* bs=512k *need help with the path please.

    where is says to use the dd command to create the bootable usb, but i having issues finding the path of the usb drive could you please explain me how to find the path using the dmesg command.

    Thank You

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    hi, i use gparted to know which sea, sdb or sdc my usb is.
    i'll explain:
    go to terminal
    write "gparted" whiteout quotes and press send
    than a program will start called gparted
    look up- right, you will see a sector where it's written all the usb o hard disk of your computer whit name (sda sdb sdc) search the name of you per drive (by the memory)

    now you've done use this name to complete the dd installation

    sorry for my english, I'm italian, if u have time look at my tread

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