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Thread: [Help] Dualboot Kali along side ChromeOS - Intel based Chromebook

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    Question [Help] Dualboot Kali along side ChromeOS - Intel based Chromebook


    I am having quite a time trying to get kali to dual boot with ChromeOS on my c720 intel chromebook. I have been able to get a select few other distros to work in this way, so I am trying to figure out how to get this working with Kali. My general attempts would look like this:

    • Start ChromeOS, connect to WiFi but do not log in

    • Get to a shell and run: curl -L - O; sudo bash 9sgchs //This is the ChrUbuntu script to re-partition the state partition for ChromeOS

    • Allocate 15gb of space during the partition for sda7 - I am on a 32gb SSD chromebook

    • Reboot and let chromeOS "repair" itself to adjust to the new partition size(I have also skipped this step to see if anything would be different)

    • boot into my live usb and run through the Kali install process per normal - I would install to sda7(this is the partition the ChrUbuntu script modifies)

    • Format sda7 to Ext4 and set to "/"

    • install GRUB to /dev/sda

    • Install completes

    Here is a guide that will dictate my process in a little more detail.

    The problem is after I get Kali working, the ChromeOS will now be corrupt and requires recovery media to fix - which in turn corrupts Kali. If I could get this dual boot working on my chromebook I would be super happy, so any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

    Update: I was able to get this working by first installing a ChrUbuntu distro (edubuntu, though any should work) and then installing Kali on top of it.
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    I never used before Chromium OS, but it is Linux as other distro. So I am thinking that maybe problems in steps. It is just like you want to boot to Linux as dual boot.
    This is "general" dual boot Linux steps
    Be sure to have the first Linux installing grub or grub 2 on the MBR
    The second installed Linux should install grub on its root partition (Or if you want, do not install grub or grub 2 at all)
    try this way and good luck!

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    Thanks for the reply duxim. I was able to get this working by installing a ChrUbuntu (edubuntu) distro first and then installing Kali on top of it. ChromeOS is awesome, but when installing it likes to take up all available space on the drive which is what causes issues. If anyone else is having issues let me know and I will be glad to walk you through it as best I can.

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    I'm also trying to attempt the same sort of task on an intel based acer chromebook cb3-131 model, I was hoping to be able to dual the OS using key strokes rather having to use a usb however honestly either way it doesn't matter to me I just want to be able to get Kali to function on the laptop. I'm wondering if its the same sort of process that you gave above or if there is a different process that needs to be implemented. Please help me it would be much appreciated.

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