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Thread: Can't EFI install Kali

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    Can't EFI install Kali

    Hello, I am fairly new to Kali Linux, though I have installed and used it before.

    So, my predicament goes like so.

    I am trying to boot Kali Linux off a USB to install it in EFI, no matter what I seem to do, My PC either fails to recognize the media, then reboots to Windows, or seems accept the FlashDrive, but displays a black screen. I used the official ISO, and took the EFI folder from the image in /boot/ and put it in the root of the ISO, which resulted in the latter. Note I am booting the USB in EFI mode, not sure if this is the problem or what.

    I used Roofus to burn the ISO contents to the Flash (PNY 2.0)

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    The issue might be the 64 bit and the 32 bit since 32 bit does not support 64 bit with UEFI.. Sooo, if you have 64 bit get the 64 bit Kali Linux then when you are in boot choose the option that has this template... [FLASHDRIVE] UEFI .

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    Hello my friend i had same issue you should go to bios setup and disable the secure boot then like windows you can install it .

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