There is a duplicate post in the ARM section but that area is completely dead - none of my other questions have been answered and because this is an install question, I figured I may as well ask here. Mods, please feel free to delete this or the other thread - please don't ban me

I ran into some problems with a previous install of Kali ARM on a Raspberry Pi 3 (64GB card) where I ran out of space on root. FDisk did not show anything beyond a 60kb partition and the main 7gb partition.

I've decided to start over from scratch.

I now have a blank, formatted 64GB SD card and would like to install Kali ARM on it for use with the Raspberry Pi 3 in such a way as to allow me to use the FULL 64GB.

I have read other responses on the net to this question, but the answers all seem kind of shady. One answer claimed that the given solution destroyed his partition table. I thought I'd go to the source for help.

I have access to a laptop with a USB bootable linux drive (lubuntu and kali) if I need to use GParted to make this work. Right now I am using windows with Win32DiskImager.

Thank you.