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Thread: Restoring Network Manager functions after airmon-ng check kill

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    Restoring Network Manager functions after airmon-ng check kill

    Aircrack-ng suite provides a method of disabling Network Manager functions thru the airmon-ng check kill command. Unfortunately they did not tell you how to restore Network Manager after evoking airmon-ng check kill.

    The actual commands are buried in the airmon-ng script.

    The following three(3) commands should cover most kali distros:

    service network-manager restart
    service NetworkManager restart
    service avahi-daemon restart


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    Further to the above:

    These service commands DONOT work if ANY wifi device is not in mode managed


    iwconfig [ENTER] #gives you device status

    Any device not in mode managed run the following:

    ifconfig wlan? down
    iwconfig wlan? mode managed
    ifconfig wlan? up

    Once all devices are in mode managed

    You can now run the service commands or if these service commands have been already run then NetworkManager will come back on line.

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