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Thread: Raspberry Pi 3 - Kali Linux - Remote Access over 3G

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    Raspberry Pi 3 - Kali Linux - Remote Access over 3G

    Hello guys. I am working on school project and I need some help. I have Raspberry Pi 3 running Kali Linux. The catch is, I have to access Pi remotely over 3G (Pi access the Internet over 3G dongle). I have RealVNC Server on Pi and RealVNC Viewer on my laptop. Right now, everything is working just fine in local network (when my Pi is on home WiFi), however, I am not able to access Pi remotely. Do I have to use some other solution instead?


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    Have you tried opening the vnc ports on your home wifi router first? Eg. Port 5900, 6000 for vnc , port 22, 21 for ssh? Your 3G connection should have ports open by default?

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    That is for Direct connectivity,? If I've understood well, VNC Server is accessible over Cloud as well, and there's no need to forward ports?!

    Cloud connections do not require any firewall or router configuration, meaning you can connect to a colleague whose laptop is behind a router you cannot configure, e.g. if they are using hotel Wi-Fil
    SOLVED: I was so dumb, inside of the VNC Viewer, there are two options: Address book and My Team (Home).

    - Accessing remote hosts from Address book (manually added) requires same network (or port forwarding).
    - Accessing remote hosts from My Team (linked with my account) uses cloud services to establish the connection - therefore no need for port forwarding.

    Please close the thread.
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    Glad to hear it's fixed.

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