Hello I am relatively new to Linux. I have used the Live version of Kali fine on other computers but for some reason had issues on this one. It is an older computer but I had the live version running on a desktop 5 years older than this one.

If I can get info on what specific information/configurations people need to try to help solve the problem I would be more than happy to help as well as try things out

So meat and potatoes. I grabbed 2018.4 from Kali.org(and verified MD5) used etcher to burn to a usb.
Installed on an old Dell XPS 600(I believe it has a Gforce 7800 I looked it up while trying to fix the issue but lost it)
When booting up I get the command line log in then after I enter root it starts to pull up KDE Plasma
I log into root and it starts to load up KDE Plasma
Then it goes to a black screen with a few ghost trails(think windows error being dragged around) in the bottom corners
I can get back into the command line TTY1 (thank you whoever here mentioned that in their post)
I can run "update" and "upgrade" and "dist-upgrade"
Still unable to get Plasma to fully boot up/unfreeze?
I tried following the post on updating my Nvidia drivers but the linux drivers for my card stated it was built on a different kernel and wouldn't let me install???(there were lots of works I only think that is what it stated, there was a couple other errors too)
After a little research and not getting anywhere getting into the Plasma Desktop, I found a posting on how to install other desktop GUI's
I removed Plasma and am now running XFCE. Other than a few broken icons it seems as if everything is working properly

Again if I can get some help on what I need to give you guys to help that would be fantastic