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Thread: Changes in airmon-ng output

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    Changes in airmon-ng output

    For those that have not noticed

    The Command:

    airmon-ng start wlan1

    No longer produces a monitor mode designation wlan1mon. You now simply get the same wlan1 designation.

    You can check the monitor mode status quickly by retyping:

    airmon-ng start wlan1 a second time. You will get a notice that the device is already in monitor mode.

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    You're wrong.

    While with most drivers it is wlanXmon, some don't have VIF and just turn the interface in monitor mode

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    I use this now, Put sudo in front of each command if your not root

    ip link set wlan0 down
    iw wlan0 set monitor control
    ip link set wlan0 up
    And if you want to shutdown Network Manager

    systemctl stop NetworkManager.service

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